Be creative and have fun with sculpture!

Ongoing classes

For Adults

Times: 10:00am to 12:00noon

For Kids


Times: 10:00am to 11:30am

Ages: Kids 8 and Up


Sculpture Workshop

A happy sculptor and workshop participant comments…

“I have wanted to meet you, Connie Foss for literally 10 years! Ever since Dennis brought home my first Connie Foss piece “The Fat Pony!!!… Walking around outside and then into your home, quite literally took my breath away, looking upon all your bronzes, wood and resin animals!! Then you brought me into your studio for a clay sculpting class, you helped teach me the basics of clay sculpting. I really enjoyed the whole experience. Listening to your gentle instructions and encouraging guidance helped me to create and achieve my final creation. Connie, you are such an inspiration to anyone that is looking for ways to stay creative. And the mind to stay open for new avenues of creativity! I so look forward to getting together again in the future for more fun and laughter while you help me create another prize-winning piece of art in one of your clay classes. I cannot thank you enough.”

No More Vacation Boredom

Do you have friends or family visiting?
Running out of fun things to do together?

Take my 2-hour “DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT” Sculpture Class for all ages! Every group that’s taken the class leaves happily surprised at how much fun it is.

Foss Studio offers 2-Hour classes for those who are interested in doing something fun and unique while on vacation, or entertaining visiting friends or relatives. These classes are appropriate for adults and children, so whether there’s 2 people or a big family, get ready to be creative! Want to read the information card? Download it HERE.


You can create sculptures of anything your mind and heart desires! Clay, glaze, firing provided. Your finished creations will be shipped home to you.

After more than 50 years of sculpting experience, I discovered a passion for teaching! Through my classes, I find such delight when sharing the enjoyment in sculpting with fellow artists, novice or expert. My sculpture classes are held in my studio in Prescott, Arizona. All participants (and art enthusiasts) have the opportunity to learn basic techniques and methods from a working artist. These personal lessons guarantee each student my individual attention. Students are welcome to express their artistic ability through class projects like ceramic busts and sculptures. Sculpture by Foss Workshops are suitable for all skill levels and age groups, including children.
~ Connie Foss