About Connie Foss

“From her many years of breeding, raising and showing horses, Connie Foss found not only her models, but her inspiration for the horse sculptures she’s created. Connie’s creations did not stop there. Wonderful creatures of the wild, from North America to Africa, have inspired Connie to sculpt some of her most beautiful works of art. Connie also adds functionality to her sculptures through her creation of exquisite table sculptures, many of which grace both public and private collections in several countries today. The mediums in which she works have ranged from hand-carving Honduras mahogany to ultra high quality lost wax bronze. Almost all of her work are limited edition pieces.

Connie has in recent years entered the “homefront” with an obvious tender touch toward our beloved domestic pets, the dog and cat. With lost wax bronze and hand-carved hardwood benches covered in dogs and cats, it’s hard to resist the loving companions she recreates to bless homes and hearts.

Today, Connie is playing with the idea of retirement and staying busy with teaching sculpture (See the information on her sculpture classes), and continuing her other career as a book author.

This leaves what bronzes and hand-carved artwork you see displayed on this website the only remaining Limited Edition pieces available.

About My Art

Each of my sculptures, whether it be a bronze bunny or a carved coffee table, is hand done one at a time. Bronzes have limited editions.
Lost Wax Bronze Sculptures & Tables

Each lost wax bronze sculpture is mounted on a Honduras Mahogany base. If one wishes a different wood or a stain that needs to be compatible with other wood in the room, that is available. The bronze my foundry uses has a copper base, with other metals added to increase the strength. It can be made to be stronger than iron. The glass used for my tables is 1/2-inch thick.

So whatever Foss piece you have in your collection, it is one of a small number, and since all are created individually by hand, no two are ever exactly the same.

Connie’s exquisite sculptures can be found all over the world and in many homes, including those of
• S. H. Baum, Past President of the Phoenix Art Museum,
• Mel Tillis, Well-Known Country Performer,
• Patrick Duffy, a Favorite Television Actor, and
• Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz, Former King of Saudi Arabia

Handled with care

Shipping and Returns

If we need to ship you your sculpture

All pieces are carefully packed and crated in wood crates. Shipping costs vary, of course, depending on the size, weight and shipping distance.

All sales are final. As with all things, however, I am always willing to listen and consider the return of undamaged art in exchange for credit toward another piece.