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I am frustrated and disappointed in myself, for I have yet to be competent in posting pictures on these blogs. One of these days!

But classes are going well, and I am certainly not disappointed in how well the kids are doing with the fiber clay—and the atmosphere. It is gratifying to see them create wonderful sculptures while carrying on fun conversations. Multi-tasking is definitely the in thing.

A cabinet door, the recipient of the colorful signatures of the daily Sculptor of the Day, is getting more colorful everyday. Those who have won that exalted title are Kate, Alex, Jordon and Drew.Joke of the Day suppliers have been Alisa, Kate, Tuuli, with Alisa providing a good one twice.

Today will be the 8-10 year olds, and one is bringing a guest. That will be even more fun.

I notice that I use the word ‘fun’ frequently when talking about these classes. It is appropriate, and I can only hope that the students have as much fun as does the teacher!

If you’re not familiar with fiber clay, it is regular pottery clay with one percent nylon fiber in it. The fiber gives it strength, and makes it possible to continue on a piece, even if it has dried. An amazing innovation.